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Green Goddess


Green Goddess features a Sage Shell, Textured Saddle Brown Inner Bag, and Green Wristlet Handle.


Moost Shells are made from a waterproof, eco friendly EVA polymer. EVA is a modern, lightweight material and a smart, safe alternative to PVC.

The shells are contoured for comfort and have holes for our interchangeable handles. 

Between the handle and the shell you can add one of our many trim options on the outside to personalize and an inner bag on the inside that fully zips and keeps your Moost closed up.

Size: 12 in height, tapers from 16 in at top down to 10 in, 5 in width

Moost Bag Shells are waterproof and can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth.

To avoid warping or color distortion - do not leave your Moost Bag out in the sun or exposed to high temperatures for any extended period of time.


Take it up a notch with this Moost Textured Faux Leather Inner Bag. You will think this inner bag has to be buttery, real leather! They are still water resistant and fit perfectly snug into a Moost Bag Shell. This fully lined inner bag features a full zip top closure and includes an inner zip pocket. Simply place the Inner Bag into the shell and then attach the handles. This makes the inner bag connected to the shell and completely closed.



These exceptional wristlet leather straps are made from local Charlotte, NC purveyor and friend, COLSENKEANE.  They are hand cut from the highest full grain, durable, buffalo hides.  If you are looking for "perfect" overly saturated and richly hued color, then you are ready to walk on the "WILD" side!. The straps are 23" by 1.5"  with a drop of 7.25".  Due to the thickness of the strap, the only accessory that can be used is an inner bag. Clean with a reputable saddle soap.