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Midnight Darling Mini Moost Bag

Midnight Darling Mini Moost Bag

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Get ready for your world to be rocked.  A Mini Moost Shell + a DOUBLE handmade Wristlet Handle.


The Grayish Silver Mini Moost Shell is made from a waterproof, eco friendly EVA polymer. EVA is a modern, lightweight material and a smart, safe alternative to PVC. It is contoured for comfort and has holes for any interchangeable Moost Bag handle. 

This 3-piece interchangeable Moost Bag includes a Black Canvas Inner Bag, specifically sized for this Shell only.

The very exquisite full grain Buffalo Hide Wristlet Handle has been expertly hand crafted by Charlotte local leathercraft company, ColsenKeane Leather, LLC. 

Mooms transformed the Wristlet into a Work of Art by painting an abstract design using Angelus leather paints and sealer. While the paint is leather permanent and waterproof, the handles can withstand normal use with same precautions as any fine leather.

Interchangeability: Yes, you guessed it - Any Moost Bag Handle will fit the Mini Moost Shell and the Painted Leather Wristlet will fit any regular sized Moost Bag Shell. Oh the combinations!

Be Bright, Be Bold, and Stay Interchangeable.

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