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Sparkle Circles


We love the contrast that Sparkles brings to the Circle Capsule. She pairs perfectly with the Blush Pink, Fuchsia, White, and Black Shells. And SURPRISE, this special Circle Inner Bag has a few 'sparkly' circles!

The Circle Capsule Inner Bags have been hand painted and sealed using Angelus leather paint products. They still remain durable and water resistant. This fully lined inner bag features a full zip top closure and includes one inner zip pocket. Simply place the Inner Bag into the shell and attach your choice of handle. This connects the inner bag to the shell and completely closes your Moost Bag.

Being a hand painted product, each inner bag may differ slightly.  There are limited quantities of this product.  If your order should be made to order, an additional 7-10 days may be required for the process.  Mooms hopes you enjoy your personal "piece of art!"